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your penus

It seems like you're a little confused about the difference between independence and dependance. It's nice that you feel more responsible and I'm glad your "handling" your "own" money now but it still seems like you're totally reliant on your parents, which is fine. I mean, your sixteen, nobody expects you to know how to finance but it's hypocritical to say that you're "free" from your parents/ life as kid. Maybe if you paid for your own car or even your own gas, I would be more understanding but because I know you, I know that you aren't greatly appreciative of all the money your parents spend on you. If you want experience, get a job.

Julie R.

Leah, you're off to a good start. I think it's great you're having these learning experiences now. Plus, you have already flown by yourself, which I think is a major hurdle in growing up. I didn't do it until I was in college, and I had some trouble with it. Parking does take practice, but I'm sure you'll improve, especially with your tiny car. I hope you understand your dad's difficulty with not seeing you more often. Even though you're the one going through the changes, your dad has to adapt to those changes, which are beyond his control. OK, enough guilt. Keep up the mini-series!


I agree with your penus. (Hahah)
I mean, you have "your own" car... Did you pay for it with all the money you get interning? Doubt it. You have no source of income, yet still say you're independent and free from your parents and school and such. At this point, however, you're just on a joy ride.

Sir Mix-a-Lot

You've never seemed more spoiled to me than you do now. Being able to make your own appointments, hiring and accountant to tell you how to spend your parents' money, and being given a brand new car doesn't make you responsible. It just makes you a really lucky high school dropout. Stop posting about your life on the internet and do something productive. And no, watching Buffy all day doesn't count.


Dear Your Penus, ICUPnutz and Sir Mix-a-Lot, First of all Your Penus (Is that a family name?), please DO NOT get a job teaching the English language. It's not "your sixteen" it's "you're sixteen." Now, if I may address you all, anyone can agree or disagree with Leah and her parents' choices. Leah is inviting that by writing this blog. She is writing with honesty and vulnerability. You all are making anonymous and quite snide comments. Responsibility? Where is your responsibility to our common humanity, our duty to each other to be kind whenever we can? Spoiled? With all the tragedies, pain and hurt in this world, do you think it is really your right to add to that by even the slightest amount? Leaving mean anonymous comments on the internet? Is that really the person you want to be? You all seem to be pretty obsessed with the penis, but I'll tell you something none of you seem to have: balls. Love, Leah's Stepmom


With all due respect, Kendall, you shouldn't "get a job teaching the English language," either. "First" should not be capitalized, and there should be a comma after "It's not 'your sixteen.'" If you have bad grammar, you have no right to harp on anyone else about theirs. Also, the problem here isn't that people are making "quite snide" comments, it's that in the past when Leah's friends have tried to tell her their opinions about her choice, it really seemed like she didn't listen, or at least was offended by their disagreeing with her. They want to be heard because they want to protect her. Maybe they're not doing it in the best way possible, but there is legitimate reasoning behind it.


Leah, all these people are just jealous of what you have. Don't take it to heart. It is true that you have more than most kids your age, but that's not something you should ever feel bad about. Are you a little bit spoiled? Yes, but that's awesome! Everyone deserve to be a little bit spoiled in life especially at your age. Growing up is hard. It doesn't matter if you're parents are the richest people in the world or if you grow up on welfare. Learning to be an adult is hard. Who cares if your mom and dad pay for your car and your gas. Who cares if you don't have a job yet. Being 16 is hard enough and you are making some pretty grown up decisions that many people don't agree with. That's pretty brave. My advice is to ignore the people who put you down for what you have and enjoy your last two years of your childhood. The fact that you are going to your own appointments, etc... is a HUGE step into adulthood and independence. Going to the doctor is SCARY when you first do it by yourself. I was terrified the first time I even called the doctor myself. Are you totally independent from you parents right now? of course not but it is absolutely ridiculous to expect anyone to be totally independent at 16! Enjoy your new found freedom and responsibilities and ignore the envious haters.

your penus

I wrote "your" accidentally. sorry. Let's get over it. My comment was not meant to hurt Leah's feelings, it was meant to explain my frustration with this last blog post. I don't care if you want to write about Buffy and how much you adore it on the internet. It doesn't offend me personally. This post, however, was obnoxious (and no, Campbell, it's not jealousy...) Becoming and adult is ridiculous and I honestly have no right to tell you about it because I'm not much older than you. But I am old enough to realize that the superficial things you're identifying responsibility with does NOT make you a "mini adult." Real experiences that change you in profound ways do. And I'm positive that unschooling will expose you to lots of those moments. It was completely hypocritical of me to tell you to make your own money when I don't at all. But it's aggravating to talk to you about the recent decisions you've made because you're pretty close-minded about the situation. All I'm saying is that it's time to wake up and realize how privileged you are.
xo. your penus....

jack attack

I would just like to say something about my fwend Leah :)

she is a hard working, responsible, caring human being.
Definitely NOT selfish or spoiled
Its not like she takes everything for granted and whines all the time about what she doesnt have
In fact she is one of the most thoughtful friends i have! I LOVE YOU LEAH! :)


wow! i'd like to add that if you live in america, saw a doctor last year, went on vacation, know how to read, may go to college, have access to a computer....and.... have clean drinking water. well count yourself lucky!....over a billion folks woke up this morning w/out clean safe drinking water!...(and many other unfavorable conditions! )........so well....really.....i would guess that anyone even reading this blog is spoiled!
i suggest we all learn how to share! leah could i catch a ride to the hollywood farmers market? ox, m


...ps: love the picture!!!!!


John here. I want to add that my daughter is 23 and is moving out (again) into a rental house in Lafayette. So there will be painting and furniture arranging etc. I understand the feeling. Keep blogging!


Wow. Leah, you are really taking a beating here. To all the folks who don't get that unschooled doesn't mean, unparented, get a grip. Everyone, when they get their first job, car, experiences a rush of freedom & responsibility. Schooled or unschooled. Stay true to your path Leah!

Nicole Vickers

I am so in love with the Mini Cooper! Just last year, after I graduated from college, my very generous brother gave me a Metallic Blue Mini Cooper as a gift! I almost broke into tears when I saw it parked right at our garage. I named it “Jasper”. How about you, did you give your Mini Cooper a name?

Leisa Dreps

“Being a driver comes with many responsibilities.” – Sounds like you are one responsible driver! And I agree with you. Being a driver comes with lots of responsibilities. When you are handling a vehicle, you are not only responsible for yourself, but also for the people and vehicles around you. That is why it is a must to take precaution to avoid car-related accidents.

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