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You take me right back to that day, May 25, 1977, when I first entered that world. Yes, geekdom is in your genes because I saw every "Star Wars" movie on opening day (it was OUR Harry Potter!). So glad you have taken the landspeeder to Tatooine and Alderaan and have finally met the character that people have been calling you since you were born. Are you going to change your spelling to Leia?

Help me, Obi-wan Kenobi. You're my only hope!


Hopefully tomorrow we will see a post entitled, "April Fools!" In it we will discover that you dropped out of school to actually do something, instead of to watch Buffy and Star Wars.

Leah's defensive and fed-up Dad

God, you are a judgmental pain in the ass, "anon." Leah's probably learning more useful life lessons from watching "Star Wars" than you learned in the last two years of school. Why do you read her blog if all you want to do is criticize? And, by the way, if you HAVE useful information or advice to impart, that's certainly not the way to get people to HEAR you (a lesson I learned from Obi-wan Kenobi, not my college professors).

Leah's still defensive Dad

P.S. What people write in their blogs is not the totality of their lives, it's simply what they choose to write about in their blogs. If you, anon, feel so strongly that you want to "help" Leah, why do you use a fake name? Show some courage and stop judging people who take a different path.


Hi, this is John. Blogger since 2004. I like your blog (found it in a search for Star Wars in order to prove that the original theatrical release of Episode IV actually said Episode IV, in order to convince my co-worker who said it didn't.) Leah, keep up the writing and the sharing and ignore all stupid comments. Yours is a voice that should be heard. Your comments are thoughtful and fresh and spontaneous.
fyi a college friend I hadn't seen in 35 years found my blog and commented "John, your whole life is on the web." That's what I wanted. To share and keep in touch with my accumulated friends around the world.

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